I am obsessed!

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I know it’s been about two weeks since I’ve last logged on, but life has had me so busy I can’t even keep track of the days anymore. I was also away sick, so thank you for all the get well wishes. While I was sick though I had the opportunity to catch up on my reading! Yay! *insert an applause here* We are going to discuss two of my most current reads and what I enjoyed about them. As always don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on other social media websites that you can find on my website.


So lately, since I finished the Netflix Original, Thirteen Reasons Why, I’ve become obsessed with books of the same nature. As I watched the season finale, I was already on Amazon searching through the similar titles tab that they offer at the bottom as recommendations. I ordered a couple of them and eagerly waited for the two day shipping process to begin. When they arrived at my local Amazon Locker, little did I know that I would become obsessed.

I read The Way I Used To Be by Amber Smith in less than 24 hours. It has been by far one of the best books I’ve read this year so far. Smith gives readers an inside look into the mind of a young woman and how her rape affected her throughout high school. Although, the book discusses a very controversial topic, I honestly believe that The Way I Used To Be is a must read. Not to mention that Josh is just a dream when it comes to trying to be the hero of the story. Following The Way I Used To Be, I read Girl In Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. Girl in Pieces is again an another amazing book that all young adults should read. Following the story of a high school senior and her struggle with what she deals with in every day life, Glasgow does an amazing job in getting into the gritty details of how difficult it is to break a chained cycle.

I am currently reading, but forgot my book at my boyfriend’s house (cries in disappointment) is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I was lucky enough to have this one recommended to be and am currently in love with the character Theodore Finch. He is one of my absolute favorites. The story is told in two perspectives and it’s interesting to see how the story maneuvers through each gender’s perspective. I guess being sick has its perks. I mean it’s not everyday I get to wake up and know I’m going to be reading because I’m stuck on bed rest.

Little update before I end the post. I will most likely be going to school over the summer, which is a huge step for me seeing I’ve been a little intimidated to step back onto campus after everything that had occurred Fall semester. I am going to continue to strive to overcome my biggest fears though and I’ll probably be blogging more frequently due to more free time that I’ll be having seeing I’ll be out of work for the summer. Let’s hope for the best and as always thank you for the constant support.

Sending Positive Vibes,


How to get the most out of your summer break…you know it’s just around the corner!


Good morning, guys, and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and used your time wisely or you were at Coachella living your life to the fullest! If you hadn’t already noticed; SPRING IS IN THE AIR, which means that summer is just around the corner. Now last year, I received a lot of emails asking how I’ve spent my summer over the past couple of years. So without further ado, I give you the top 5 things to do over a summer break.

    • I’ve always been that person to work over my summers. I love the extra income and being able to pay things for myself. I had a lot of friends in high school who just chose to spend their summers by the pool, and I just never found sitting around satisfying. Being a young adult, it’s relatively easy to find a summer job. Great places to work after school and over the summer are your local YMCA or Boys and Girls Club. Retail is another great place to work because their opportunities for promotions are relatively higher.
  2. TRAVEL.
    • The invention of the automobile and airplane are to me the best things man has ever offered. Bless the souls of those who contributed to their creation. Traveling is probably what I suggest the least to do though only because it can be expensive. I’ve only recently started to dip my toes into traveling and I’ve made it a goal to travel somewhere foreign at least once a year  (this year my eyes are set on Costa Rica).
    • Summer internships are amazing and there are so many that are just waiting to be scooped up by someone who is passionate about their work. I know a lot of them aren’t paid, but the connections you make and the people you meet make it worth the lack of income. Websites such as InternMatch and Internship Programs are both great resources in finding an internship that meets your interest and is also in your area.
    • As most of you know I am huge on giving back to my community. If it weren’t for the community I would not have gotten as far as I have today. Donating you time makes a huge impact in the world. You can always get information at your local community center. You can also go to your local hospitals, retirement homes, YMCA, and Boys and Girl club.
    • What’s been drilled into our heads since kindergarten? School is the key to success, so why not take a summer course? Find that class you’ve always wanted to take, but never had time to fit in your schedule. Always make that summer class enjoyable because they tend to be a bit overwhelming due to the fact that you’re there for four days out of the week. I highly recommend not taking a class you feel you struggle in. I guarantee you that you’ll set yourself up for success by taking an art class or that creative writing course instead of taking a math or reading class. On top of that you’ll boost your esteem by receiving a strong mark.

There you have it! Five things to do this summer break! I know this post is short, but this week is filled with excitement and loss. I have to attend the funeral for our close family friend and I am in the process of beginning my own daycare. Wish me luck! I’ll need all the good luck I can get.

Thanks as always,


Why I Reread…

Good evening everyone! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful Friday Eve and preparing to enjoy your weekends! Tonight we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things to do and why I do it. Now I know my blog post from a few days ago was very heavy, so I wanted to counter the heaviness with a very light and enjoyable topic. If you’ve been a consistent follower welcome back and if you’re new welcome to From Ashley to Ash. Now without further ado let’s get to answering the question of the night; Why do I reread? 

Hopefully we all know what to reread something is, and we all do it at least once a day. Rereading to me though means something completely differently. Rereading is an art. Rereading is a necessity. When you become self defined as a bookworm you learn that reading is so much more than just collecting books in a bookshelf. It’s about analyzing characters, discovering the irony, and enjoying the overall storyline. When you are beginning a book for the very first time, regardless of if the book is from your favorite author or a book that was recommended to you, you are eager to read the book as fast as you can. You want to eat the story up and overwhelm your entire person with emotion. Rereading is different. 

When you reread the book, after you’ve read a few others and notice the title in your bookshelf, you return to a place of eagerness. You remember the characters how you saw them, the betrayals in your own order, the happiness with a warming feeling, and the sadness with a blue view. Rereading a book a second time has always proven to create a better understanding. Rereading let’s you relive everything you lived the first time and experience it with even more once you begin to notice the things you hadn’t before. You’re so aware of what has happened that when you come across an interesting dialogue or description you read as if you’re reading again for the first time. Rereading to me is like the next phone upgrade. You enjoyed the previous one but are excited for what’s to come with what you have plus more in the next one. 

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I began reading at a young age and I looked to books for comfort all throughout my youth into my adulthood. I remember one year I was so alone (we had recently moved and I didn’t feel confident enough to make friends) that I read the entire fiction section at my school library. I used to find rereading useless and a waste of time, but then I reread Tuck Everlasting and realized what I was missing most of my life. Rereading was like that last bite of a chocolate chip cookie. It’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone. Find a book that’s collecting dust on your shelf and get lost in the story you once knew. 

Comment the books you want to reread below and maybe I’ll find a couple to read with you! I’m so excited to be interacting with you all and to know that I’m blogging more again. Thank you again to all who read! You guys really are my biggest support system! 

Yours Truly,


Happy Hump Day!

Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day! I hope you guys are all enjoying your Wednesday morning and you continue to enjoy your Wednesday. I am exhausted because for the past ten or so days now I’ve been battling with a stomach ulcer. I am fine and it is shrinking in size, so I am thankful that my doctors caught it when they did. My ulcer was not related to my change in diet. It was an ulcer that I had in the past and decided to come back to haunt me. I am choosing to return to white meats though till I gain my strength back due to me losing a lot of muscle strength in the span of time that I was not aware that my constant pains were due to an ulcer eating away at my stomach lining. Now today’s blog post has quite a few topics so bear with me and thank you ahead of time to those who read through it.

I wanted to start by saying that on April 11th, 2017 at about 8:00 pm we lost a close family friend to a motorcycle accident. He was a father of four amazing children and was a loving husband. He had the right of way when someone turned into the intersection causing him to collide head first into the other vehicle. We have a gofundme set up for his family (link will be linked down below), and any donation would make the biggest impact during his family’s time of need. That leads me into my second reason for getting out of bed and blogging this morning. Unfortunately, after receiving the news, his wife attempted suicide. She was a woman who worked three jobs, attended classes, participated in the school PTSA, and overall made sure her kids were her biggest priority. She felt as though she had to be strong and for that reason felt like she had failed when she could no longer go on living without the help of her husband.

A few days ago, April 16th, 2017, is a day to bring those who have battled any sort of mental disorder, emotional disorder, eating disorder, for those who have to learn to live without a loved one, and for those battling with so many other things that this world claims that can simply just be “gotten over” to come together. Project Semicolon brings those who have battled together with having each person share their semicolon whether it be tattooed or drawn on. They have people write their stories and tell what they’re doing now to give others hope. As I’ve expressed in so many other blogs before that mental illness is not an easy thing to live with. I come from a family who has a lengthy history of mental illness and I watch loved ones battle through it everyday. I battle with it everyday. So if you see someone in your path with a semicolon thank them for having hope, for being strong, and for not ending it when they felt they should have. Ending this stigma is allowing people to receive the help they feel they need to become healthy.

So I guess you can call this blog a little update blog seeing I haven’t had much time to blurb up ideas. I am also sick so be patient and thank you to those who have wished me get well. I love blogging and I love the responses I get when people are just as passionate as I am about what I blog about. So the gofundme link for the close family friends is https://www.gofundme.com/julio-lopez-and-olivia-arunco-fund and the link to Project Semicolon is https://projectsemicolon.com/.

The Vegetarian Project

Good night, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Fri-YAY and are ready for a long weekend. Some of you may be going on spring break, so congratulations on getting through midterms! Now that he salutations are out of the way, I’m here to announce that I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt vegetarianism for the next month. Oh! And to also mention that I’ve officially cut my hair short and dyed my hair red (picture will be posted below). 

I am super excited to be attempting vegetarianism. I have plenty of friends and family who are vegan. It’s just time I attempt to hop onto that same train, but unfortunately I don’t hold the self control they hold so I will not be giving up my milk and cookies. Now a lot of you maybe wondering if I’m cutting meat out of my diet cold turkey. That is not the case. I have always had a relatively light meat in take for a long while and am just ready to take the next step in improving my health/diet. I’ve battled with stomach sensitivity and ulcers since I graduated high school due to high levels of stress and malnutrition. Although, I am still a work in progress and it’s just time to take that extra step in taking care of myself. 

It is now time to explain my title. This project isn’t necessarily a project that I consider broadcasting to the whole world, but more to keep me accountable in the decision I’ve made. I am doing this to give it a go and if I ultimately feel I can’t do it then I’ll just slowly return meat into my daily diet. Now if you want to join me in my journey towards vegetarianism then please do! I will not stop you from sharing your results with either vegetarianism or veganism. If you have tips or recipes even better! Now this blogpost is just a little update post so I’m going to keep it short. I will mention to stay tuned for results and diaries on my vegetarian project! 

Thanks and love always,

Here’s the new look!

I kind of feel like Velma Dinkley for all those who are still fans of Scooby Do. 

My Drugstore Skincare Routine!


Good morning! Happy first week of April! We’re all one step closer to summer and free of any educational torture! Hooray! Well it would be if I weren’t going to take summer school. Hahahahaha! And working both of my jobs at the same time. I am posting later than usual because I had gotten upset with myself because I had created an amazing video for you all on myself doing my actual skincare routine, but the genius I am accidentally deleted the video thinking it was something else. So instead I’m just going to give you a written run down of what I attempt to do daily and weekly.

So my daily routine:

My daily routine consists of four simple tasks twice a day.

  1. Washing with a deep pore charcoal cleanser. (My daily cleanser currently is Bioré Charcoal! Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, but I want to try the acne version that they just released.)
    • My skin loves to play games. I am constantly battling with blackheads and from my constant research I’ve learned that charcoal cleansers are what are best for my skin. Charcoal, does it not only help purify the skin of any dirt, but it helps control the oiliness of my skin.
  2.  Then after I’ve washed I let my face air dry or I use a paper towel to dry off.
    • DO NOT USE A TOWEL. I REPEAT DO NOT USE A TOWEL. Using a towel, especially one that’s already been used, is what causes the skin to breakout. For best results just let your face air dry. Find something to do like brush your teeth or comb out your hair (make sure to be using a wide tooth comb when detangling your hair after a shower).
  3. Once my face is dry I go with a cotton ball and rub my face in either a witch hazel solution.
    • I am currently using a new version of the old witch hazel I used. It’s an astringent, which is supposed to help remove any left over dirt that may have not come off after washing.
  4. Lastly I go in and apply my moisturizer, but I decided not to post it because I am not content with the one I am using currently.

My weekly routine consists of two tasks that I only do twice a week because my skin is super sensitive, but you’re more than welcome to do it up to three times a week.

  1. So I try to use my charcoal self heating mask (which feels AH-MAZING by the way) on Wednesday because that’s midweek and when I’m outdoors the most.
    • Basically the box says it all. You massage the mask for one to two minutes throughout your face and just as the charcoal wash is supposed to help purify your face of any yuck that’s not supposed to be on it.
  2. After I’ve completed my mask, I go in and use pore strips.
    • I use pore strips because like I said at the beginning I struggle with blackheads. Blackheads are my biggest battle when it comes to my skin. On top of pore strips, I try to use facial masks that are peel off because aside from offering benefits such as toning and brightening the skin, it removes some of the blackheads that are in more difficult places such as my cheeks and chin.

So there you have it guys, I know it’s not as fun as a video, but it’s just as informative. I am currently taking suggestions on moisturizer if you guys have any and I’m planning to do an actual video (I swear not to delete it this time) on some of the actual face masks I use from LUSH. As always thank you so much for all of your positive feedback and constructive criticism! You guys are the reason why I continue to blog!

Much Love,


Life’s a blurb…

Good evening, everyone! It’s been one of those weeks where my mind is working at 150 miles per hour and I just can’t help but feel the urge to write. Lucky for me though I have such an amazing bunch of followers who love my lovely little stories of how I got involved with writing or even blogging in the first place. (And bear with me, I’m doing this entire blog off of my phone.) 

So once upon a time, a very long time ago, I decided that my passion was writing. I loved the idea of telling stories and learning where others came from. When I met someone the first thing I wanted to know was who they were, what they loved, what they feared, and what made them…them. I remember this one time on the public bus on my way home with my mom (I grew up in what they call the “ghetto” of Hollywood and went to school in the Hollywood Hills), I had come across this young woman who had these magnificent tattoos. I was so mesmerized at these drawings that I had to ask her how she drew them on and all she could do was laugh. She later explained that the drawings were tattoos and that her tattoos told a story about her past. She said I wouldn’t understand now, but if I ever ran into her again once I got older she would tell me her story. I swear to you though that the moment my mother stopped her gossip with the usual women on the bus and realized who I was talking to, she ran me off that bus and told me to never talk to strangers again. That was the start of something great for me though. Now here I am sixteen years later.

Now that you have a little bit of background where my fascination with the art of story telling came from, I have a dilemma that I’ve been battling for years now. I know I want to write. I know I want people to hear my opinions and stories, but I’m not quite sure what median to go through. I know I have my blog and I will forever cherish the memories that I have with From Ashley to Ash, but let’s face it…blogging is not going to pay my bills. Yes, I am still currently working on two writing clips to submit to Her Campus. Yes, I am still an aspiring novelist in the generation that read books from a screen. Yes, I still have newspaper clippings from when I was on the student newspaper. I’m just not sure where I want to go with my life now. I was obsessed for the longest with becoming a feature writer for Alternative Press, but now my passion has grown from music to something bigger. What’s this “bigger”? I’m not quite sure yet. I have been inspired by Youtubers and social media activists though. People such as Anna Russett and Iskra Laurence are only two of so many that I receive inspiration from. I’ve looked into companies such as Fullscreen and websites such as Her Campus to realize that these are things I want to be involved in. I love music and I love the passion that artists have, the stories they tell, and everything it represents, but do I want to write others stories or write my own? 

I still don’t have the answer to my question and I’m sure you guys are all wondering why this crazy little blogger even decided to blog about any of this at all? It’s because I’m trying to show that even though I may seem 100% put together and that I’ve figured out my life, that I don’t. That I am vulnerable to change and opinion and the general world we live in. My goals in life change as this world changes and I love it. I love how everyday I wake up saying, “You know what. I’m going to try this today”. I love how uncharted my goals are in life and that even though I may not be where my life plan was four years ago, I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished thus far. 

I hope you all enjoyed my little word vomit episode and I hope you all tune in for the next blog, which will actually be in my health section. It’s about my skin care routine and what I typically like to do when I’m struggling with PMS and cystic acne. So yeah! If you made it this far, you got a little sneak peak. 

X’s and O’s,