My Drugstore Skincare Routine!


Good morning! Happy first week of April! We’re all one step closer to summer and free of any educational torture! Hooray! Well it would be if I weren’t going to take summer school. Hahahahaha! And working both of my jobs at the same time. I am posting later than usual because I had gotten upset with myself because I had created an amazing video for you all on myself doing my actual skincare routine, but the genius I am accidentally deleted the video thinking it was something else. So instead I’m just going to give you a written run down of what I attempt to do daily and weekly.

So my daily routine:

My daily routine consists of four simple tasks twice a day.

  1. Washing with a deep pore charcoal cleanser. (My daily cleanser currently is Bioré Charcoal! Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, but I want to try the acne version that they just released.)
    • My skin loves to play games. I am constantly battling with blackheads and from my constant research I’ve learned that charcoal cleansers are what are best for my skin. Charcoal, does it not only help purify the skin of any dirt, but it helps control the oiliness of my skin.
  2.  Then after I’ve washed I let my face air dry or I use a paper towel to dry off.
    • DO NOT USE A TOWEL. I REPEAT DO NOT USE A TOWEL. Using a towel, especially one that’s already been used, is what causes the skin to breakout. For best results just let your face air dry. Find something to do like brush your teeth or comb out your hair (make sure to be using a wide tooth comb when detangling your hair after a shower).
  3. Once my face is dry I go with a cotton ball and rub my face in either a witch hazel solution.
    • I am currently using a new version of the old witch hazel I used. It’s an astringent, which is supposed to help remove any left over dirt that may have not come off after washing.
  4. Lastly I go in and apply my moisturizer, but I decided not to post it because I am not content with the one I am using currently.

My weekly routine consists of two tasks that I only do twice a week because my skin is super sensitive, but you’re more than welcome to do it up to three times a week.

  1. So I try to use my charcoal self heating mask (which feels AH-MAZING by the way) on Wednesday because that’s midweek and when I’m outdoors the most.
    • Basically the box says it all. You massage the mask for one to two minutes throughout your face and just as the charcoal wash is supposed to help purify your face of any yuck that’s not supposed to be on it.
  2. After I’ve completed my mask, I go in and use pore strips.
    • I use pore strips because like I said at the beginning I struggle with blackheads. Blackheads are my biggest battle when it comes to my skin. On top of pore strips, I try to use facial masks that are peel off because aside from offering benefits such as toning and brightening the skin, it removes some of the blackheads that are in more difficult places such as my cheeks and chin.

So there you have it guys, I know it’s not as fun as a video, but it’s just as informative. I am currently taking suggestions on moisturizer if you guys have any and I’m planning to do an actual video (I swear not to delete it this time) on some of the actual face masks I use from LUSH. As always thank you so much for all of your positive feedback and constructive criticism! You guys are the reason why I continue to blog!

Much Love,



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