The Vegetarian Project

Good night, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Fri-YAY and are ready for a long weekend. Some of you may be going on spring break, so congratulations on getting through midterms! Now that he salutations are out of the way, I’m here to announce that I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt vegetarianism for the next month. Oh! And to also mention that I’ve officially cut my hair short and dyed my hair red (picture will be posted below). 

I am super excited to be attempting vegetarianism. I have plenty of friends and family who are vegan. It’s just time I attempt to hop onto that same train, but unfortunately I don’t hold the self control they hold so I will not be giving up my milk and cookies. Now a lot of you maybe wondering if I’m cutting meat out of my diet cold turkey. That is not the case. I have always had a relatively light meat in take for a long while and am just ready to take the next step in improving my health/diet. I’ve battled with stomach sensitivity and ulcers since I graduated high school due to high levels of stress and malnutrition. Although, I am still a work in progress and it’s just time to take that extra step in taking care of myself. 

It is now time to explain my title. This project isn’t necessarily a project that I consider broadcasting to the whole world, but more to keep me accountable in the decision I’ve made. I am doing this to give it a go and if I ultimately feel I can’t do it then I’ll just slowly return meat into my daily diet. Now if you want to join me in my journey towards vegetarianism then please do! I will not stop you from sharing your results with either vegetarianism or veganism. If you have tips or recipes even better! Now this blogpost is just a little update post so I’m going to keep it short. I will mention to stay tuned for results and diaries on my vegetarian project! 

Thanks and love always,

Here’s the new look!

I kind of feel like Velma Dinkley for all those who are still fans of Scooby Do. 


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