Happy Hump Day!

Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day! I hope you guys are all enjoying your Wednesday morning and you continue to enjoy your Wednesday. I am exhausted because for the past ten or so days now I’ve been battling with a stomach ulcer. I am fine and it is shrinking in size, so I am thankful that my doctors caught it when they did. My ulcer was not related to my change in diet. It was an ulcer that I had in the past and decided to come back to haunt me. I am choosing to return to white meats though till I gain my strength back due to me losing a lot of muscle strength in the span of time that I was not aware that my constant pains were due to an ulcer eating away at my stomach lining. Now today’s blog post has quite a few topics so bear with me and thank you ahead of time to those who read through it.

I wanted to start by saying that on April 11th, 2017 at about 8:00 pm we lost a close family friend to a motorcycle accident. He was a father of four amazing children and was a loving husband. He had the right of way when someone turned into the intersection causing him to collide head first into the other vehicle. We have a gofundme set up for his family (link will be linked down below), and any donation would make the biggest impact during his family’s time of need. That leads me into my second reason for getting out of bed and blogging this morning. Unfortunately, after receiving the news, his wife attempted suicide. She was a woman who worked three jobs, attended classes, participated in the school PTSA, and overall made sure her kids were her biggest priority. She felt as though she had to be strong and for that reason felt like she had failed when she could no longer go on living without the help of her husband.

A few days ago, April 16th, 2017, is a day to bring those who have battled any sort of mental disorder, emotional disorder, eating disorder, for those who have to learn to live without a loved one, and for those battling with so many other things that this world claims that can simply just be “gotten over” to come together. Project Semicolon brings those who have battled together with having each person share their semicolon whether it be tattooed or drawn on. They have people write their stories and tell what they’re doing now to give others hope. As I’ve expressed in so many other blogs before that mental illness is not an easy thing to live with. I come from a family who has a lengthy history of mental illness and I watch loved ones battle through it everyday. I battle with it everyday. So if you see someone in your path with a semicolon thank them for having hope, for being strong, and for not ending it when they felt they should have. Ending this stigma is allowing people to receive the help they feel they need to become healthy.

So I guess you can call this blog a little update blog seeing I haven’t had much time to blurb up ideas. I am also sick so be patient and thank you to those who have wished me get well. I love blogging and I love the responses I get when people are just as passionate as I am about what I blog about. So the gofundme link for the close family friends is https://www.gofundme.com/julio-lopez-and-olivia-arunco-fund and the link to Project Semicolon is https://projectsemicolon.com/.


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