Why I Reread…

Good evening everyone! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful Friday Eve and preparing to enjoy your weekends! Tonight we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things to do and why I do it. Now I know my blog post from a few days ago was very heavy, so I wanted to counter the heaviness with a very light and enjoyable topic. If you’ve been a consistent follower welcome back and if you’re new welcome to From Ashley to Ash. Now without further ado let’s get to answering the question of the night; Why do I reread? 

Hopefully we all know what to reread something is, and we all do it at least once a day. Rereading to me though means something completely differently. Rereading is an art. Rereading is a necessity. When you become self defined as a bookworm you learn that reading is so much more than just collecting books in a bookshelf. It’s about analyzing characters, discovering the irony, and enjoying the overall storyline. When you are beginning a book for the very first time, regardless of if the book is from your favorite author or a book that was recommended to you, you are eager to read the book as fast as you can. You want to eat the story up and overwhelm your entire person with emotion. Rereading is different. 

When you reread the book, after you’ve read a few others and notice the title in your bookshelf, you return to a place of eagerness. You remember the characters how you saw them, the betrayals in your own order, the happiness with a warming feeling, and the sadness with a blue view. Rereading a book a second time has always proven to create a better understanding. Rereading let’s you relive everything you lived the first time and experience it with even more once you begin to notice the things you hadn’t before. You’re so aware of what has happened that when you come across an interesting dialogue or description you read as if you’re reading again for the first time. Rereading to me is like the next phone upgrade. You enjoyed the previous one but are excited for what’s to come with what you have plus more in the next one. 

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies. I began reading at a young age and I looked to books for comfort all throughout my youth into my adulthood. I remember one year I was so alone (we had recently moved and I didn’t feel confident enough to make friends) that I read the entire fiction section at my school library. I used to find rereading useless and a waste of time, but then I reread Tuck Everlasting and realized what I was missing most of my life. Rereading was like that last bite of a chocolate chip cookie. It’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone. Find a book that’s collecting dust on your shelf and get lost in the story you once knew. 

Comment the books you want to reread below and maybe I’ll find a couple to read with you! I’m so excited to be interacting with you all and to know that I’m blogging more again. Thank you again to all who read! You guys really are my biggest support system! 

Yours Truly,



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