Happy Spring! Springing into Something New!

Good afternoon and happy first day of spring! I hope you all are either enjoyed your spring break or are currently enjoying it! I’ve been a little MIA, but for good reason seeing I’ve been off enjoying my own spring break in the Bay Area (I will have a separate post on that later on this week). I am excited to announce that in lights to my current project I have decided to dedicate my time in expanding my name in the blogosphere by applying to write for Her Campus.

If you do not know what Her Campus is it is a a website and blog that offers everything that needs to be known for female college students. The blog’s topics expand from world news to beauty tips to personality quizzes. I’ve been looking for a project to be passionate about for a very long time now and Her Campus fits everything I stand for. It is not only an opportunity to expand my name, but an opportunity to grow as a writer and I am looking forward to receiving feedback from writers who have been blogging from day one. It will also give me the opportunity to branch out and enjoy events in the community, which leads me to having more material for From Ashley to Ash. If I am offered the position at Her Campus, I will have continuous updates on here that’ll direct you to my content on there.

Now the second thing I wanted to shed some light on, if you haven’t already noticed, is that I have been updating my social media pages more often. I wanted to give those I spend a lot of time with an opportunity to enjoy my work. I have friends and family who are aware that I blog, but they haven’t really interacted with my actual website. In light of that I just wanted to apologize to my followers who solely follow me on here, and I highly encourage all of you to stop by my Instagram (@ashh_astronautt) to checkout all the content I’m releasing on there. Again I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for being such huge supporters to me. I know I can be so hot or so cold sometimes that it’s hard to understand where I come from as a serious blogger. You guys are the butter to my bread though and I would be nothing without your recommendations.

Yours Truly,



Guess who spent her New Year in Las Vegas? This girl did!

Thank you to my amazing second family who sprung this all on me last minute, I had a blast and rang in the New Year with hundreds of thousands of strangers. The vibe was amazing and the fact that I knew absolutely no one except for my best friend made the entire event even more thrilling.

Now just to get an idea how much these people mean to me keep in mind that I’ve known her mother, her brother, and her since I was four years old. She was my first friend, my sleepover, and we’ve literally spent every milestone together since the day we met in kindergarten. Her mother and stepfather have become second parents to me and am so blessed to have them as a support system as well.

Although the trip was short, we had a blast and it made me realize why I longed to travel so much. The atmosphere is totally different. Sitting in a casino for the first time,taking in the smell of cigarette smoke, the sound of slot machines, and the feeling of being completely comfortable astounded me. We lost ourselves in Caesar’s Palace, accidentally got trapped in a night club, had an amazing dinner at the Mirage, sat in the cold waiting for midnight, and waking up still drunk the next morning were just a few of the amazing experiences we shared this past weekend.

I crave to experience that thrill again. I just cannot wait to begin documenting my next adventure seeing I failed to document this one and now that I’ve rung in the New Year I have an entirely new perspective on how life should be lived.

Yours Truly,



*Literally the only picture I found that didn’t have booze in the shot.

Hey Batter, Batter Swing!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!

I am so sorry for the late post, but unfortunately I have been struggling with a few of my own battles this past week. I am back now and excited to share my experience at the baseball game last Sunday. For those who are wondering who is the person in the video that would be Manuel. I know he looks a lot older now than how he looked before, but I assure you it’s him. Lol.

Today’s blog will be cut a little short, but I do have something in store for all of you this coming week for I will actually be sharing a meal plan with you and an exercise routine that I would typically do! I will also be talking about how Pinterest has played a huge part in my weight loss journey!

Thank you guys all so much again for understanding and respecting my personal issues!